Typically our magazine cater to the following,

unless we have set themes

Sanctuary Magazine Publication based on:


*Gothic Victorian






Special Edition Magazine based on :








Gotica Da Fetish Magazine based on:

* 100% Adult Content

* Artistic  Nudes









*Role play

All Submissions must be sent to sanctuary.magazine@yahoo,com

Exclusive images only

5-6 Images Only

High Res


No Watermark

DropBox Preferred

Full Credit required at all times

Indicate which theme you are submitting to.



Please make sure you review our guidelines and themes before submitting. 

If images do not fit any of our current themes, or if email is inquiring about a questions that is answered in our guidelines,

This proves to us that the submitter just wants to submit or be published without really researching the magazine in which you are submitting to nor have interest in guideline/requirements.

 Therefore Emails/images will not be answered nor considered.


For any other inquiries that are not listed in our guidelines,



We encourage everyone to review requirements and guidelines of ANY magazine to prevent issue or misunderstanding once the publication is published.

Also be aware that by submitting images for consideration you are giving us contest to publish. A release form will only be sent out when your images will be used in promotion or advertisement other then publication/or social media.

If you do not wish to have images published without contest?

Please indicate along with your submission, 



Sanctuary Magazine

will not be held responsible for credit that was not provided.

 Proper credit is required at all times.

Sanctuary does not have a problem giving credit where credit is due. 

However in order to do so we need to know who is who.


It is the responsibility of the model to get approval /release form sign by photographer before submitting and vice versa.

Unless the party submitting has 100% rights to the images.


 Please Do Not Ask For Covers!


We Do Not Supply TearSheets!



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