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King Jay



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Meet The Founders/ Owners


King Jay



 Queen Gotica, a graphic designer / alternative gothic model for more than 10  years and her husband King Jay, a music producer/manager, are the proud owners of Sanctuary Magazine Corp.

Together this dynamic duo has created a Magazine not only for the stereotype but for the eye of the beholder.

With Queen Gotica’s crazy unique sense of style and open minded personality, and King Jay’s manager / promoter skills together they are the perfect couple to own this Magazine.

When we asked Queen Gotica what  her vision for this new magazine was and what will make her magazine different than all the others:

She responded:

“My Vision for our magazine of course is 1st for it to be successful and second to really show the world that Gothic Culture is not what many will portray it to be. Gothic is about the beauty and the art and unique style of it that make us different from the everyday stereotype.”

She also continue to explain what she hopes what will make her magazine stand out from all the other established gothic magazine’s out there. “I want our magazine to feature not only the already established models, photographers, bands and designers, I want to help/feature and give that shot that not a lot of magazines give new upcoming talent. Not to take away from the already well established people I am pretty sure that they have story's as well as to how hard it was for them to get to where they are now. But I just want to make it a bit easy for inspiring models/photographers/designers to get a jump start into this crazy but exciting platform we call fashion/modeling industry. I remember how hard it was when I was starting. In order to work in the fashion/modeling industry they will ask how many followers you have on your fan page, how many times you been published, how many different photographers you worked with etc. Correct me if I am wrong but in order to have all of these references you will need for someone to open up that one door so that you can get your feet in the industry.” said Queen Gotica.



This is why Sanctuary Magazine (with only 8 year of existence) has been a great hit. With more than 10k viewers and hundreds of

sale all over the world. Sanctuary Magazine has worked with models and photographers from all over the world, and has been  overwhelmed with amazing creative submissions, enough to (at times) releasing 3 issues per month.

Sanctuary Magazine is a monthly publication that sells both print and digital copies. They recently added a new publication to the Sanctuary Family Titled: Gotica Da Fetish Magazine, which we started only 3 issues per year to now, due to popular demands, are a monthly publication. Gotica Da Fetish Magazine has sparked an interest from our viewers from around the globe.

Last but not least, Our Special Edition Issue which caters to our more Sci-fi / fantasy /cosplay viewers

They plan to add 

Sanctuary Urban and Sanctuary LGBT

to the family in the near future 



Sanctuary Magazine strives to bring its readers the best in dark alternative fashion, art, and culture from around the globe.

Our intent is to celebrate all of the beauty hidden among the darker faucets of life, and the beauty of the (un)perfection of the human body, in all of its varied and unique forms.


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