Submission and Guildlines 


  • You must be at least 18 years of age in order to submit to Sanctuary Magazine.

  • Your photos must be of Professional Quality and taken by professional photographer with experience. We ask that you send us 4-6 of your best photos. Do Not send us more then 6 images. 

  • Photo images must be clear, in Jpeg format, 8.5'' x 11'' or 11'' x 17'' and they must be 300 DPI. Full-Page photo images are to be 2550 X 3300 pixels.

  • Please include your Names, a brief Bio, your Photography Business Name, a brief Bio, and CV of your recent work, publications, etc.

  • Send in Full Credits.

  • Please include (models/photographer Website Link and any other significant Links to (his/her) work.

  • We DO NOT accept photos from the same set that has been sent to other magazines.

  • We only accept Exclusive images.

Please don't send us photos from a set that has already been seen/published in another magazine.

If that look has been published even if you are posing differently we will not consider that set for your submission. If your photo has been accepted and then we see them in another magazine you will no longer be accepted to submit to Sanctuary Magazine.
We like to give our viewers something new to look at in every issue not recycled images. 

Please make sure that images sent in are professional and that they cater to whichever magazine you are submitting to.

Please note that by sending us a submissions for consideration you are automatically giving us consent to feature your images.

Unless you state it in your email

**No Release without release form**​

Please read before submitting.


All submissions are totally free, we DO NOT payout for any submissions.

So please keep that in mind when preparing for an exclusive shoot for our magazine.




Your own hard copy of the magazine.

Also with your purchase you will receive a automatically free digital download in which you can obtain your tearsheets

We ask for Full Credit to be sent in with the release form.

If the person(s) submitting Do Not send in full credit of everyone involved,


Sanctuary Magazine is not to be held accountable. It is the responsibility of who ever is submitting to send in this information. Not Sanctuary Magazine.

Once the issue is released


All photos submitted to Sanctuary will stay under your/owner copyright when published in Sanctuary.

Please remove all watermarks from images once accepted.

We DO NOT resale photos of Model /or Photographers nor use images for any Sanctuary Magazine Merchandise other then the Magazine unless release form has been sign.



Please note that by sending in submissions you already have given us consent to published your images in our magazine unless stated in your email


However we do required a release form if your images will be used for other publications such as a banner or website to promote /advertise our magazine and or event


Sanctuary Magazine will NOT accept images that have been published or

viewed in other magazines and or any source of media.

Any images submitted to Sanctuary Magazine and to any other magazines at the same time, Will be removed immediately. We at Sanctuary Magazine have the right to remove all images without notice even if an issue has already been published. if it is done for the best interest of the magazine. 

 **Please Do Not Ask for Cover** 

Emails requesting covers will not be answered.

Please Send all submissions to:

We ask to please indicate on the subject line which Magazine you are submitting for

Please be patient and allow a few days for responses. We will respond in a timely manner. 

Thank you!

For more information Contact us:


ATT: Publishing dept




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